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Weed Delivery Los Angeles 


Is Open 24 hours 


Call for Menu (818)797-0533


Weed Delivery Los Angeles

Open 24 hours with estimated 

Weed Delivery In About 30 minutes 


Discreetly Packaged

Premium Licensed and Tested Cannabis 


Weed Delivery Los Angeles is your local delivery dispensary. Weed Delivery Los Angeles offers a curated menu of premium Cannabis flower and products, including pre-rolled joints, Disposable Vape Pens, delicious Edibles and much more.


Your satisfaction is our top priority

Premium, locally grown, license and tested Marijuana.

We carry 

Sativas, Indicas & Hybrids

New strains continuously rotated onto our menu

Vehicle, bud-tender and packaging are discreet.


24 hour Weed Delivery across 

All of Los Angeles County!

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